February 23, 2009

Reunited [and it feels so good]

I finally got my laptop back from the Apple Store on Thursday after it didn't turn on a few weeks before that!  It's been so long!  Okay, well like two and a half weeks.  But I shouldn't be writing this since I have an exam to study for, so I'll come back and write more later.

I've never had much trouble with my PowerBook before even though I've had it for almost 5 years now.  Besides the internet, I use it mainly for music and photos with some occasional school work here and there.  However, after thousands of songs and literally tens of thousands of photos (last time I checked, I had over 24,000 photos in iPhoto!  I have no idea how it's possible!) my precious is slowing down.  A few weeks ago it randomly froze for the third time ever with a strange restart message I had never seen before.  After the restart it was working fine but then the next morning, absolutely NOTHING.   It just wouldn't turn on!

I tried trouble shooting online, holding down buttons, taking out the battery, and resetting things, but nothing worked so I knew I had to bring it to an Apple Store.  As some of you may know, getting an appointment at the Genius Bar on a weekend is close to impossible unless you want to venture to midtown at 4am or make the journey to the Staten Island location.  I accompanied Liz to the Staten Island Mall a few years ago when she had a coffee-iBook disaster and once was enough for me, so if I could help it I think I'll pass.

Luckily, my friend Adam is not only an Apple Genius but a Lead Genius!  So what if it's really just a fancy name for a manager of geniuses, I'm still impressed.  David and I were able to go to the midtown Apple Store on a Sunday afternoon without an appointment and Adam diagnosed my lifeless laptop.  Very fittingly, Adam was wearing a Genius shirt that said "Not all heroes wear capes."  Word, Adam totally saved my life.

I had to get the LogicBoard replaced and although I'm still not completely sure what that meant, I do know that it would have cost over a grand but it was only a little over three-hundred dollars to repair my laptop.  I'm no genius but I know that was pretty sweet!  Now it's finally back in action and I couldn't be happier!  Plus, since it was a problem with the LogicBoard and not the hard drive, I didn't lose any information!  Everything is back to normal!  Yes!


  1. yea, ive been without my laptop before, it totally sucks haha. i didnt know you had a blog! time to be blog buddies!

  2. i "started" my blog last summer but forgot about it soon after my first post, so i literally have only 2 blogs from last year! haha i've been trying to be better now, even if i don't have anything to say..

    but yeah for blog buddies!!!

  3. oh & check out my AWESOME profile photo!! haha