March 12, 2009

Make Me A Bravo Addict

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Bravo is pretty great.  I was recently having this conversation with a friend who works in television, and although he's not a reality tv junkie like myself, he still agreed that Bravo knows how to do reality television well.  Whether it's Project Runway, Top Chef, and now Make Me A Supermodel, I just can't seem to get enough.  I'll even admit that I find Kathy Griffin amusing and oddly enjoyable.  I'll also admit that I like some pretty crappy reality tv.  VH1 reality tv shows are like car accidents for me- horrible yet sometimes you just look/watch anyway.   But I think Bravo reality tv is way better and a bunch of the shows get good reviews.

Make Me A Supermodel is my current Bravo favorite and newest love of the moment.  I watched it last season, but the second season is already outdoing the first in its second week.  Although they got rid of Nikki Taylor as a co-host and replaced her with Nicole Trunfio, a supermodel who I'd never heard of before, Tyson Beckford is still around.  He plays the mentor role well and isn't quite hard to watch either.  But the best change is the addition of Catherine Malandrino to the judges panel!

Catherine Malandrino is an amazing designer and one of my absolute favorites.  Out of all of my "designer" clothing, the majority of the items are her designs.  Although I haven't been privileged enough to buy any of her recent collections (damn recession!) I was surprised and excited to see her on the first episode.

I also already have a favorite model, Jordan.  She's been doing really well and has already won not once but twice!  And there have only been two episodes!  Plus she's from Tucson where David is also from, so she gets an extra point since I really loved it when I visited last June.  It would be crazy if she keeps up the winning streak!  In the second photo shoot the models had to pose as different types of candy.  Jordan is on the right with Branden, both as candy canes.  This photo is fun but her real photo which she won with is really cool (you can't see the pasties) but I wasn't able to find it online yet.


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