February 26, 2009

Karma or just bad luck?

I'd say that I'm a believer when it comes to karma but I don't notice it very often.  As I was leaving class last night, I was talking to a friend about this guy who isn't from our class but goes to Hunter and also takes the downtown F at 63rd street.  He started talking to me for the first time a few weeks ago and since we get out of class at the same time we always see each other on the platform.  He's an older guy, probably in his forties, and seems pretty nice and harmless.  He doesn't actually bother me but sometimes at 10 at night and after being in class for 4 hours, I just want to listen to my music and zone out.  I'm telling this kid from my class about how the guy always talks to me and sometimes I just don't want to talk to anyone.  He's like, why don't you just go to the next car so you don't have to sit and talk with him?  And I'm thinking, yeah that seems easy enough.

I get off the escalator to the downtown F and the guy is already there talking to someone from his class or whatever.  So I just walk by without making eye contact and sit a little further down the platform, then get on the F one car behind him.  I'm enjoying my music and everything is fine.  It worked, my classmate is so smart.  After a few stops the train starts to get crowded and by midtown, there are no free seats left and a bunch of people are standing.  Then it hits me.  The stench of serious body odor mixed with urine and just total grossness.  I'm not trying to be mean but it smelled like a really dirty homeless person.  Other people must have started smelling it too because everyone's eyes started shifting in that 'I'm trying to be discrete but it's really not working' kind of way.

Then to make matters worse, everyone starts looking at ME.  I got all awkward and started looking through my playlists like, hey it can't be me, I'm listening to my iPod so I'm obviously not homeless!  I came to the conclusion that the culprit was seated directly behind me and that was the reason the smell was so strong.  I seriously had to put my hand up to my face a few times just to breath.  However for some reason, no one did anything about it!  There were a few scarves over noses, but no one changed seats or even moved down to the other end of the car!  I felt like I would look like a bitch if I was the only one who cared enough to relocate so I stayed put as well.

It was almost half my ride that I had to endure this smell, and I probably would have given in and switched seats after Jay street if the train didn't go outside for some fresh air.  The whole time I was thinking it could have been easily avoided if I didn't try to avoid the guy and sat in the first car as I usually do.  I guess I got what I deserved.

February 23, 2009

Reunited [and it feels so good]

I finally got my laptop back from the Apple Store on Thursday after it didn't turn on a few weeks before that!  It's been so long!  Okay, well like two and a half weeks.  But I shouldn't be writing this since I have an exam to study for, so I'll come back and write more later.

I've never had much trouble with my PowerBook before even though I've had it for almost 5 years now.  Besides the internet, I use it mainly for music and photos with some occasional school work here and there.  However, after thousands of songs and literally tens of thousands of photos (last time I checked, I had over 24,000 photos in iPhoto!  I have no idea how it's possible!) my precious is slowing down.  A few weeks ago it randomly froze for the third time ever with a strange restart message I had never seen before.  After the restart it was working fine but then the next morning, absolutely NOTHING.   It just wouldn't turn on!

I tried trouble shooting online, holding down buttons, taking out the battery, and resetting things, but nothing worked so I knew I had to bring it to an Apple Store.  As some of you may know, getting an appointment at the Genius Bar on a weekend is close to impossible unless you want to venture to midtown at 4am or make the journey to the Staten Island location.  I accompanied Liz to the Staten Island Mall a few years ago when she had a coffee-iBook disaster and once was enough for me, so if I could help it I think I'll pass.

Luckily, my friend Adam is not only an Apple Genius but a Lead Genius!  So what if it's really just a fancy name for a manager of geniuses, I'm still impressed.  David and I were able to go to the midtown Apple Store on a Sunday afternoon without an appointment and Adam diagnosed my lifeless laptop.  Very fittingly, Adam was wearing a Genius shirt that said "Not all heroes wear capes."  Word, Adam totally saved my life.

I had to get the LogicBoard replaced and although I'm still not completely sure what that meant, I do know that it would have cost over a grand but it was only a little over three-hundred dollars to repair my laptop.  I'm no genius but I know that was pretty sweet!  Now it's finally back in action and I couldn't be happier!  Plus, since it was a problem with the LogicBoard and not the hard drive, I didn't lose any information!  Everything is back to normal!  Yes!

February 2, 2009

Home Is Where The Heart Is

[ Love of the Moment ]  [ 01 ]

LomoHomes are the best place to share analogue photos, meet fellow lomographers, make friends and fans, and enter contests!  With lots of new features and a new look on the beta site, LomoHomes are my first love of the moment because

1]  I just recently discovered the lomography beta site
2] I'm finally getting my fisheye photos on CDs
3] I'll have a great place to share my lomographs
4] I'm sort of obsessed with lomography right now